Aspire Eden Prairie.
symbol1.png Community Asset Assets to the community such as parks/natural resources, historical sites/structures, etc. that you feel should be maintained or enhanced.
symbol2.png Community Gathering Spot Identify areas you feel are current or potential community gathering spots.
symbol3.png Need of Improved Appearance Areas you feel could benefit from improved architecture, landscaping or other aesthetic improvements.
symbol4.png Public Art Location Identify areas you feel are desirable locations for public art.
symbol5.png Short Term Development Priority Site Sites you feel should be developed or redeveloped in the short term.
symbol_Artboard12201746955365.png Long Term Development Site Sites you feel should be developed or redeveloped in the long term.
symbol7.png Positive Neighborhood Features Identify and describe areas where you feel that favorable neighborhood qualities, such as proximity to community facilities, services, parks, sidewalk/trail connections and natural areas, currently exist.
symbol8.png Positive Appearance Areas where you feel high levels of aesthetics through architecture, site design or landscaping currently exist.
symbol9.png Other All other points/issues you would like to add.