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symbol11-full2017461042217.png Transit Destinations Identify locations or properties you feel are key transit destinations.
symbol52-full2017461044386.png Traffic Flow and Congestion Identify intersections or roadways that are congested, have poor traffic flow or are in need of improvement.
symbol13-full2017461044970.png Vehicle, Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Identify locations with safety concerns.
symbol_Artboard142017461044284.png Traffic Signal Identify locations you feel have traffic signals issues or could use improved signal timing.
sMapicons_Artboard13copy2017461047655.png Freight Generators Identify areas or businesses that are significant generators of freight traffic (trucks, trains, etc.)
symbol_Artboard13201746104815.png Pavement Quality Identify roadway locations that are in need of pavement repair and maintenance.
symbol_Artboard152017461047141.png Trail and Sidewalk Connectivity Identify specific gaps in the trail and sidewalk network.
symbol9.png Other All other points/issues you would like to add.