sMap is built on the Google Map engine and provides the same functionality as Google Maps. Below are some basic controls as well as instructions on how to add points to your map.

Google Map Controls

Zooming - You can zoom in and out of your map a few different ways. You can click and hold on the slide on left and drag to zoom in and out. You can click on the + sign on the left to zoom in, and the - to zoom out. Double clicking on the map will also zoom in. You can also zoom by scrolling the mouse wheel when your cursor is over the map.

Panning - You can pan the map side to side by using the direction arrows in the top left of the screen or by clicking and holding on your map and dragging the mouse.

Types of Views - The mapping tool lets you toggle between three different views - Map, Satellite, and Hybrid. The controls are found in top right of the map window. Map View is a graphic view of map. Satellite View is aerial imagery. Hybrid is a combination with streets and street names above an aerial photograph.

Adding Your Own Points

To add your points you must first create an account. After you create an account you then create a map to add points to.

Adding Points - To add a point to your map, zoom to your desired location and click on the map. A window will pop up where you will define the type of point you are adding and provide a title and any additional notes.


Feel free to send feedback from the project site found here.